The Regal Realms Expansion is Live!

26th September 2012 9:28pm

I’ve tried to quickly summarise what’s new.
Jump on the forums or ask about anything I’ve missed in the comments here :)

Stonemasons can now build Keeps and Castles. Keeps are expensive and uncommon. Castles are stupidly expensive and rare. I don’t expect anyone to have more than one Castle for a while. They work like tunnels do, taking you to a new realm. All Castle realms look the same.  All Keep realms look the same. These new realms have Policed permissions, so…  anyone can build, move or attack in these realms. Except the owner/creator of the realm can not be attacked, they are the police and they are invincible within this realm.  Only the owner of these policed realms can build tunnels and stone circles (so you can’t mess up someone elses Castle with Stone Circles).  From the outside, Keeps and Castles work like Armed Towers, they can be set to auto-attack… and they are indestructible!

WARNING: Keeps and Castles are EXPENSIVE and can not be moved.  Be careful where you build them.

Inside Castles there is a new terrain: Stone Floor. On top of it you can build Stone Walls, which can be turned into Stone Traps.  New Keeps and Castles come with some walls. You can delete them and build new ones to change the buildings layout.

Thrones are found inside your Keep and Castle, and Stonemasons can build more. Thrones make Princesses, whose purpose is to show off how wealthy you are… as they cost 1 Million Food.  When a Princess passes away, she leaves a Tombstone, which unlike Blood Stains, is permanent. Princesses can make flowers (because Dall77 loves flowers) and Carpet which works just like roads except on Stone Floors.  Thrones also make Princes At Arms who are exactly the same as Warrior Princes except they cost a little bit more, and you can make them without needing Soldiers or Knights. I know Gimley will be happy building lines of thrones and flooding realms with these new princes much faster.

The distance that you can flood fill a realm with units has changed.  The maximum distance from a gateway that units would appear was 50 cells.  Its reduced to 30 cells. In public safe lobby realms, where new users start, the distance is 12.  And in policed realms (Keeps and Castles) the distance is 6, so people can’t flood fill your castle to grief you.

The Extra Resource bundles have also been changed, hopefully the Princely Parcel and Kings Ransom are more useful.

Lots of bugs have been fixed and a few user interface things have been tidied up.

You can see the new units and their stats here:

Here’s my Castle in game:

I really hope people come up with creative uses that I haven’t thought of for their Castles.

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