Regal Realms – Keeps

19th September 2012 4:13pm

Here’s a sneak peek at the floor plan for the new Keep. Stonemasons will build Keep’s on grass terrain, then they’ll work like Tunnels or Stone Circles, when you enter them you’ll be in a realm something like this:

Small Castles

Minor lords and noble families often base themselves in these small castles which offer security and
a launching point for attacks into the surrounding countryside.


And Keeps are the SMALL castles… Castles will be much larger :)

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  • SilverStrike799 says:

    Epic. Cant wait till theyre added. Will anyone be able to go into the keep realm? im still slightly confused on how the whole system will work.

  • yellow103 says:

    YAKUZA castle will have embassy options for other groups.

  • yellow103 says:

    Also, what if i try to build a castle/keep inside a castle/keep?

  • There’s a bit more info about castles here…

    Big thing is the policed permissions. So the owner/creator of the is the police, and all their stuff is invincible, cant be attacked, inside their castle.