Ironfell Resource Duplication Bug

11th September 2012 11:53am

The great thing about being in Beta is that bugs can be found and fixed quickly :)

The bug was… if you created a trade, and offered someone resources.  You could quickly click on the cancel trade button repeatedly. And each click would get you refunded the resources offered.

One user abused this bug. He had more than 400 million iron, and hadn’t reported the bug.  I’ve left him his units and buildings, but stripped him of almost all his resources, back to a new user level.

A couple of other people used the bug too, but they didn’t abuse it too much, so they can keep their ill gotten gains.

SilverStrike799 and yellow103 accidentally found the bug, and reported it.  Because they reported it, they each get to keep 1 million Iron.

If you find a bug, report it, and you’ll be rewarded :)



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  • Gawadroit says:

    Thats a whole lot of iron! I don’t even have 1 million iron lol…. said too much. leaving now, must go mass produce iron lol