Troubleshooting lag in Ironfell

7th September 2012 10:41am

There’s a lot of confusion about lag in Ironfell. Theres different types of lag and lots of things you can do to help fix the lag.

Server Lag… something happens on the server that takes the CPU to 100%. You will be able to pan around the realm, but no units move or respond. Each server instance has about 2000 realms on it… so if this happens in any of those realms, it affects all the other realms on the same server. There’s a bug with roads that causes this, which i’ll hopefully fix today. Wait a few seconds and this lag usually goes away. Its always caused by something happening in the game though, like moving 50+ units onto roads in a particular way causes it at the moment. If you can figure out something that makes this happen and let me know, I’ll pay out lots of bonus Iron or wood.

Internet Lag… the internet is flakey sometimes. Not just your connection at home, but all the connections between you and the server. Messages get lost or take 10 or 20 seconds to go from your computer to the server. It’ll look just like server lag, you’ll be able to pan, but units won’t respond. There isn’t much we can do about this (unless you’re google and can buy your own fibre trunk lines). Ironfell doesn’t need a super fast, low latency connection, so getting a better internet connection *might* help this, but only if you have a really bad internet connection.

Flash Lag… when Flash, your browser or your computer run out of CPU or memory. You can watch these on a Mac by opening > Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor. On Windows right-click the taskbar, then click on Start Task Manager. Don’t be surprised if Flash or your browser are maxing your CPU usage, that’s normal.

If you’re running out of memory, closing other applications will help. Someones laptop was running out of memory, but they didn’t want to close the other apps they were running, so they upgraded their ram (from 2GB to 4GB) and that fixed their lag.

You can see your frames per second (fps) in Ironfell, just above the mini-map. This is how fast Flash is running, it will try to run at 25fps and it’ll use up to 100% of your CPU to go as fast as possible. If you go to an ocean realm (they’re the largest realms) and sit still, without moving the map… hopefully your fps will be 25. Try panning the map around a place with lots of units (either with the arrow keys or click-dragging) and your fps will probably drop, that’s to be expected, panning is hard work. On my 3.4ghz mac sitting still gets 25fps and panning around drops it to 20fps. While I’m panning it uses 100% of the CPU. Try making your browser window smaller, the smaller it is the faster the fps should be.

So, if Ironfell is lagging, try:

  • not panning
  • make your browser window smaller
  • close other applications

Watch the fps while you try these things, it should be 25fps.
If any of those help, then its Flash lagging on your computer.

Check you haven’t run out of memory? If you are using all your RAM memory, close other applications or buy more memory for your computer.

If its Internet Lag… not much we can do about it.

Its much more likely that its Server Lag. Check twitter to see if I’m doing anything to slow the servers. Or try and figure out what happened in the game that made the servers lag. I gave 50k of extra Iron to the person who found the current bug with roads :)





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