Less Blood

22nd August 2012 4:38pm

Just made a change to the way blood stains work (all this applies to shipwrecks too).   Its a bit complicated, so I need more room than twitter provides to explain this change.

Before,  blood stacked.  So if you killed 10 Archers in the same hexagon cell, then there would be 10 Blood Splatter units there.   I had optimized flash, so it only displayed one of those Blood Splatters.

And now I’ve done a similar thing on the server.  When a unit dies… they still leave a blood splatter.  If a second unit dies on the same hexagon, that second unit DOES NOT leave a blood splatter.   The first blood splatter blocks the second one from being put in the same place.

So if Bob’s Archer dies first,  then Jim’s Swordsman dies in the same place,  there will only be one Blood Splatter, and it will belong to Bob.

Blood still counts towards your Unit Total… so this change will make you Unit Total less when you’ve been dieing lots.

The reason for doing this (other than to confuse you) is that during epic battles, there were over 10,000 blood splatters in some realms.  This change should help server CPU performance and realm load times when you’re in the middle of an epic battle.

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  • Gawadroit says:

    Now I can’t hide my blood splatters when I attack people that I don’t want to know I attacked lol. epic battles… could there possibly be a way to broadcast a realm if there are more than say, 1000 deaths in an hour? :-)

  • Yup :) I want that to be part of the stats / api stuff.