Next Expansion – Regal Realms

15th August 2012 9:07am

The purpose of this Regal Realms expansion is to introduce Policed Realms.

The current realm permissions are:

  • Private – Only the owner can build or move units into this type of realm.  Each users home valley is set to private.
  • Public – These are safe public realms, anyone can move or build but nobody can attack. Lobby realms are set to public.
  • PVP – Dangerous, anyone can move, build and attack anywhere.  These realms typically have more resources than the other types.

And the new type:

  • Policed – Anyone can build, move or attack in this realm. Except the owner of the realm can not be attacked, they are the police and they are invincible within this realm.

Hopefully you’ll think up interesting uses for these policed realms, mazes or combat arena but you’ll definitely use them as bases to launch attacks from.

There’s going to be a new terrain type – Stone Floor.  It will be used inside castle realms as the outline / floor plan for the castle.

Here’s a piece of programmer art that shows the inside of a Keep (except they’ll be larger):

And here are the new units:

  • Stone Walls
  • Keep* (aka Small Castle)
  • Castle (aka Large Castle)
  • Stone Trap
  • Thrones
  • Princesses
  • Tombstone
  • Stone Gate (to leave a castle)

The fantastic illustrator has been briefed and is working on the artwork, but it will be a week or two away because he is a very busy man. :)


* A keep is technically the central tower inside a castle.  But I can’t find a good word for small castle, and Carrack and Cog while being correct, were confusing.  So I’m going to call these small castles Keeps, and the large ones Castles.


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  • Tr1cks says:


  • Tr1cks says:

    BTW, can i ask what a castle will be used for?

  • Well you can use them to build mazes or combat arenas.. you’ll definitely use them as bases to launch attacks from. I’m hoping users will think of things I haven’t :)

    Your units are safe in the castles, but other people can fight each other. Lots of possibilities.