Trade improvements and nerfing Colleges.

2nd August 2012 9:53am

Morning!  Below are yesterdays changes, my new system is to only upload changes first thing in the morning, after breakfast and coffee.  Which should help me make fewer mistakes (like accidentally turning it off) .

You can now add a message to trade proposals.  Use this to send people private offline messages in-game.

If you have been sent a trade proposal, and you haven’t accepted or declined it yet, your trade panel’s arrow will blink to let you know there is something awaiting your attention.

Mini map is clickable!

I’ve tidied up the UI panels, moved trade to the top left corner and put your current location (x,y) into the mini-map.  When I added the POI and Trade panels, I just threw them in somewhere where they fit.  I always intended to tidy them up when I’d finished adding panels.   This also needs to happen before I start the Android Nexus 7 version :)

There’s a bit of a problem with Food and Knowledge.  Basically you all have ridiculous amounts both, making those resources a bit pointless.  So I’ve changed how Farmlets and Colleges work.  Instead giving you giving you resources every minute, they now give resource per hour.

Farmlets were 1 Food per minute, they’re now 60 Food per hour (same same).  Colleges have been nerfed, big time.  Instead of 1 Knowledge per minute (60 an hour), they now produce 5 Knowledge per hour.  Building new Colleges and Farmlets are also more expensive.

To make up for nerfing Colleges I’ve reduced the Knowledge costs of all the ships and shipyards.

I know its annoying to have units nerfed.  But it has to happen sometimes, especially in a persistent universe where new units get added over time.

Today I’m working on making unit images with your colours in that you can use as Twitter etc avatars :)


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  • Gawadroit says:

    You realize this just means that isle realms will be flooded with more colleges right? and probably a lot of trailblazers too

  • Yup, that’s okay too :)