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1st August 2012 10:49am

Good morning!

I’ve just uploaded a set of GM (Game Master) tools.

Ironfell is designed to allow and encourage players to be stronger than their enemies.  Almost everything you can do in the game is allowed and encouraged.  If someone puts Ponies in danger, and they are slaughtered, that’s okay.  The players can get their own revenge.  So hopefully, there will be very little intervention required by GMs.

I screwed something up last week.  In one of the safe public lobbies, Talbain had built 45 Naval Carracks in a tight group.  I surrounded them with Herring Boats, so they couldn’t move.  Because it was a safe public lobby, he couldn’t destroy the fishing boats, there was nothing he could do about it.  Essentially I had taken away those very expensive Carracks.  Talbain saw this and decommissioned the Carracks himself.  And I felt pretty bad about that situation.  I’ld been a right dick.

I’ve given Talbain the resource value of those Carracks out of my personal resources.  And I’ve written a Game Master Code of Conduct so I have guidelines to follow.

Ironfell Game Master Code of Conduct

  • Don’t be a dick.
  • Never take away from users.
  • Reward good behaviour.
  • Reward victims of bad behavior.
  • The least possible interference is best.
  • Most situations can be resolved with a signpost and a warning.
  • In the most extreme circumstances, freeze someones account for a period of time.

The GM tools update that went live today gives me tools to follow that code of conduct.

I can make any user a GM.  Currently I’m the only GM, you’ll see me in the game as “GM davidc”.  GM’s are the only people who can have “GM” at the start of their name like that. I’ll give the best behaved members of the community GM status as the number of users grows.

There’s a new unit, called a Monument.  That only GMs can build, and they can build it anywhere, even places they don’t have a presence.  If you see a Monument, read its message and take heed.

There’s a “Report Abuse” button in the main menu (top left corner of the screen).  Use it to report any bad behavior, and I’ll check it out as soon as I can.

And I can disable Ironfell accounts for x number of hours.  If this happens to you, you’ll be signed out and told that this has happened to you.  If you try to sign in, you’ll be told how many hours longer you need to wait.  And I’ll personally email you to tell you why you were locked out.  I don’t think that I’ll use this feature much, but it’s there just in-case.

My Nexus7 is on a plane halfway between Hong Kong and New Zealand, so it might arrive this week!  I’ll spend the next couple of days doing small things (like making the mini-map clickable) and then onto the Android version.


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  • Gawadroit says:

    Talbain could have easily threatened to attack you or asked you to move your ships. It kind of ticks me off that he was the one that acted like a dick about it and you feel bad. He didn’t have to decom them, he did it of his own accord. I saw what happened apparently within 24 hours of it because i saw the bloodspatter and buoys. Not sure if they are still there. Another player suggested you refund the resources, which i agree if you felt guilty about it is a nice thing to do to make up for it but giving a formal apology on this website seems like a bit much. Just my two cents and I will be hunting down talbain because i saw what he said and it was beyond rude. If he has a problem with the game mechanics he can petition to you to have it changed or stop playing or just ignore it. He doesn’t need to insult you or the game for using the game mechanics and common tactics. Level7 and I insult each other(I would like to think in Jest) but we don’t attack each other on a level i feel talbain was taking a stab at(again I would like to think so as some of the things exchanged between level7 and could possibly be misconstrued to come across the way i feel talbain did)