Ironfell on Android and Nexus 7

29th July 2012 11:54pm

Ironfell will be AWESOME on a tablet.  I really really want to get it on a tablet.  It’s a huge task, rebuilding it as a native app.  **BUT**  it looks like Flash might just work on the newer tablets, they’re fast enough, and Flash via Adobe Air actually works.  So I am going to commit to building a version for the new Nexus 7 tablet.

I’ve kept tablets in mind right from the start.  Everything has taken touch screens into account.
I want the people playing on a tablet to have the same experience as people playing on a PC.

The huge issue I have with mobile and tablets is testing.  People test their games in a couple of emulators then send them up to the store, and assume everything will be okay.  But it never is, stupid silly little things (like a Galaxy S III can’t detect taps to small buttons on the top corners of the screen) can ruin a game.

So… I’ve ordered a Nexus 7 (wooop!) and I will build a version specifically for the Nexus7.  Tailoring the button sizes, hex cell size, text size, etc  to fit a 7 inch tablet. This version will probably work on all the recent Android devices,  but I’m only going to test and support a Nexus7  (for now).

If you work for a large mobile company (cough cough you know who you are) and want to send me one of your phones to test on, I am more than happy to support your phone or tablet as well.

Oh, and it’ll be free.  And available to side load.


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  • EmoryM says:

    Have you thought about monogame? C# is an easy language and you could target all the major platforms with basically the same codebase.

  • Yup, and Haxe too. But a properly native version will always be faster… and I can build a properly native ios version myself. :)