Ocean Size

19th July 2012 7:25pm

I’m working on a mini map at the moment…  it’s complicated for a lot of reasons.

Realms range in size from 60 x 60 up to 256 x 512.   So I have to figure out how to fit / scale / warp the below images into something useful.  Just fitting them into the interface is hard.  They’re skewed because of the hexagon grid and they look pretty bad put into a rectangle like all of the user interface currently is.

The oceans have 131,072 cells. Flash can’t display that many distinct objects. So they’ll have to be compiled to images and then displayed with quite a bit of trickery to keep the frame rate decent.  And I also have to keep live unit data displayed on that map.

Anyway, below is the ocean realm 2025 Sea of the Mammoth Serpent.

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