Still beta, just.

11th July 2012 2:03pm

I have just changed the site’s address from to  Ironfell is still in beta, and if you go to the old test address it should redirect smoothly to the www address.  I needed to do this in preparation for the next feature I’m adding.

… which is being able to buy resources with real money through PayPal.

I’ve talked about this at length here:

And the discussion boils down to:

  • Ironfell needs to earn money, or I can not build it.
  • Letting people buy resources is the simplest way for it to earn money.
  • If you don’t want to pay for stuff, that’s okay.
  • Everything will always be freely available in game.

And there’s a more subtle and complex game play reason I want to do this too.

There’s a significant advantage given to people who have been playing for a long time.  The longer you’ve been playing, the more resources you’ll have.  And I don’t mind that it is not fair and balanced.  I’ve got a long post about that here:

The end game in Ironfell happens when you’ve got ridiculous amounts of all the resources.  Several players are at this level now, where they just can’t use up everything they have.

If you want to fight against those high level players, you can do so on a small scale, steal a few mines here and there. And those small scale battles are balanced, at least until the rich player notices and stomps on you.

Or you can take your time and build up your own stockpiles of resources. My brother Sam is doing that in the game at the moment.

And soon, there will be a faster option, you’ll be able to put down your credit card, and buy resource equality with those top players.

And a huge thank-you to people who do choose to pay, you are the reason I can make Ironfell.


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