Ironfell Trading

27th June 2012 5:52pm

I have just updated the servers, adding resource trading to the game.

Here is a overly detailed description of how it works…  for the two people who like this much detail.  Most people just mash buttons until games do what they want.

Move a Knight next to any unit belonging to the person you wish to trade with.  Right click the Knight, select “Start a trade”.  Then select the unit of the person you want to trade with.

The trading dialog appears, and you need to say what you want to give, and what you want in return.

You can type numbers into the grey fields or use the red arrow buttons to change the numbers.  You can’t give more of a resource than you currently have.  And if you have none of a resource, its field will be greyed out.

If you ask for more resources than the other player has, they won’t be able to accept the trade.

When you’ve picked your numbers, click “Trade” and the offer is sent to the other player.

As soon as its sent, the resources you are offering are put safely into escrow. If you cancel your trade, you get the resources back.  If the person you sent the trade to declines the offer, you get the resources back.  If they accept your offer, they receive your resources from escrow, and you receive the resources from them when they accept.

You can see a list of all trades you are participating in in the trade list, open it by clicking on the red arrow at the bottom / middle of the screen.  In there you can cancel, decline or accept trades.

If you ask for resources from someone, but don’t offer them anything… its treated as a demand for tribute.  “You have demanded a tribute of 10000 iron from Bob”.

If you offer to give someone resources and don’t ask for anything in return… its treated as a gift.  “You have offered a gift of 10000 iron to Bob”.

I think that’s about it, hopefully people will think of strange ways to use this that I’m not expecting. :)

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