New units very soon

14th June 2012 4:00pm

Just to tease you… below are the names and descriptions for the next set of units.

And here’s a link to an Ocean Realm:

You can’t get into the oceans yet, you’ll have to wait for Whirlpools to appear.

Warrior Prince
Sons of Royal blood if they are of chivalrous nature will train as Knights, forsake their castles, lands and right to the throne to become masters of warfare.

You should limit your stone-masonery to a few skilled labourers only. While they are highly skilled and a respected part of the community there are rumors that they have associations with magic and sorcery – guard and watch!

Wood Shipyard
A navy is essential for exploring new lands and successfully supplying your armies. A variety of ships can be launched from these Shipyards.

Herring Boat
Small open boats powered by sails or oars travel the seas in search of Herring.

Herring Fishery
Herring are a small fish which moves in large schools. They are rich in oils and are preserved by being pickled in a mild vinegar. Aged pickled fish is considered a delicacy.

Depleted Herring Fishery
Take your fill! These herring are schools will regenerate quickly.

Explorer Caravel
Favoured for oceanic exploration these are small and highly maneuverable sailing ships.

Naval Cog
Small sturdy vessels that are best in shallower waters. Are crewed by soldiers expert in battle techniques such as boarding and hand-to-hand fighting.

Naval Carrack
Large open ocean ships that are stable in the heaviest seas. They carry large troops of sea hardy soldiers and archers.

A floating device anchored to the seafloor which aids sailors navigation through dangerous waters.

Stone Circle
Stone Masons hold the sacred knowledge of how these gateways are constructed and encoded into matching pairs. Once built these use rifts in time and space to transport people to faraway lands.

Whirlpools are natural phenomena are found in the deep sea. These huge swirling vortexes can engulf entire ships and transport them to who knows where.

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  • Will Sweeney says:

    i am a current player on ur game. love it btw its got great potential. I created a conquest tunnel and it won’t let me travel through it, it just keeps saying loading. Just letting u no of a bug i found

  • Hey Will, Is that tunnel still bugged?