6th June 2012 12:27pm

Right now, there are 180 people registered to Ironfell and it really needs more players.

Below I’m going to break down what I’m doing to find new people.
If you can think of anything else, please let me know!
And if you like playing, please tell your friends.

  • Blog, for longer posts.
  • Twitter, for server status, and small updates.
  • Forum, have a subreddit for talking about the game…
  • Banner Ads, trialing a banner on another site I made…
  • Tracking everything with Google Analytics.
  • Referral links, change NAME to anything, and it gets recorded against every player who registers using this link…
  • Talked about the game in a few forums, weewar, and TIG Source.
  • Added Ironfell to this directory. If you search for “alternative to weewar” that page comes up near the top.
  • Have emailed and Facebook’d everyone I know.
  • Have SEO’d the Ironfell site.
  • Stumbleupon, added every new page, and tried a small paid discovery campaign, which worked out at $1.80 usd for each registered user gained.
  • I know I should be writing press releases (yawn) and start an email newsletter (spammy yuck).

Does anyone have any other ideas how to promote Ironfell?

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  • Riotgear80 says:

    You need more of a full working game. The idea is really cool but the game is lacking right now. It would also be nice if all characters could pass thru one another but not walls.

  • Thanks! I’m working on it, I am only one person though :)

    Characters passing through each other is tricky. In the safe realms its really annoying when people use ponies to do things like wall off trees or block tunnels. That’s something I want to change. If units can pass through each other, they’ld occupy the same cell, so you could stack dozens of units on a single cell, which I don’t want. People would stack 100 archers in a single cell and attack with them all at once, destroying towers straight away. And if units are stacked like that the UI for selecting units wouldn’t be as simple as it is at the moment.

  • Dave says:

    Do you have a facebook page? Have all 180 of your players like your page and all their friends will see the link. I know lots of my friends play similar games. I will post a link but it would make it easyer if you put a facebook icon on your page. Making it easy for users to promote for you is a great thing!

    Love the game!

  • Dall says:

    I make a beginners vid, It would be fun to get it known through youtube

  • Driftwood says:

    I have to say, after playing it more I am really enjoying the game.

    The only complaint I have is the blocking people are doing on the safe zones. It is fine on the PvP zones and makes for good battles, but it is just resource blocking in the safe zones. Those zones will be gridlocked in no time.

    Keep up the good work man!

  • Dall says:

    If I could get you to 1000 people playing by the end of July. What extra updates would you be able to do? How much more will you be able to do?

  • It not so much about the number of people playing as it is about how many hours in the day I have. :)

  • Yes the blocking is a bit annoying. But now that you can make Stone Circles, you can use them to get past walls of units in the safe zones. Also there are new safe zones made all the time, so they won’t get too full.