Ironfell – Where are the space ships?

7th May 2012 4:50pm

Someone got upset at me today because they were promised space ships in Ironfell.  :|

Yes! there will be space ships!   eventually  … <grin>

Here’s a bit more of a storyline…

“You travel back in time to plunder resources from the past.  Something goes wrong, you are lost in the past. You must rebuild your empire and create a time-gate to travel back to the future. Realms start of as mountain valleys, then continents, and islands, space stations, asteroids, and eventually other worlds. Tech tree stretches from medieval swordsman to intergalactic space ships.  Spacesuits visiting medieval mountain valleys.”

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  • Paddy Wack says:

    Hi, enjoyed play testing your game, it has a lot of potential. I realize you aren’t looking for suggestions just yet, but you really need a way for players to report bugs. Otherwise play testing gets old fast.

  • Thankyou :) Suggestions and bug reports are very welcome. Can post em here or by email, I’m in the middle of fixing bugs right now.