Ironfell, What’s next?

5th May 2012 2:19pm

We’ve reached a huge milestone with yesterdays update.  Ironfell is now properly in beta.  So what’s next?

I’ve done my best with the game design and balancing,  but everything can change once real people start playing and breaking a game.  So first priority is to get more people through the game, gather their opinions and feedback.

Will people grief in the Safe Public realms?

Will people forget to build Farmlets and run out of food?

Is the pacing too slow?

And then I start thinking about all the possibilities… pirate ships,  stone henge,  whirlpools,  space ships,  alien worlds.   Eventually, hopefully,  if this game one day pays my rent,  I want to add thousands of units and hundreds of different terrain types.   An iOS version… Ironfell would be beautiful on an iPad.    Tools for users to design units, terrain and create new realms themselves!  An free API so you can code your own game clients and robots.

What you can play now is just the tip of the iceberg,  the 29 units in the game are pretty much just a tutorial.

So stop reading this, and go play  :)

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  • Dave says:

    Seems to me the start is a bit slow. From what I’ve seen and read from other users this changes once you build things up a bit. As always if you can make something blow up that automatically makes things better…

    I am excited to see where this game goes, I like the idea of more unit types.


  • That’s something I was thinking about just yesterday. I’m going to make the Conquest Tunnels cheaper, and maybe even start new users off with one. That’ll get them to some action immediately.