Ironfell Progress

11th April 2012 5:44pm

I know nobody reads this blog, but it’s good for me to keep updating it, just for my own sake.

I’ve updated the test server today with proper artwork for two units and a new logo! :)  (thankyou Damon!)


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  • Casaubon says:

    well someone just started to read :)

  • Machrineith says:

    I just started playing and was messing around and decommissioned my only unit. Now I can’t do anything D’:

  • Alex says:

    The roads dont seem to do anything (aka speed up unit travel), are they just for looks or am I just using them wrong?

  • They’re just for decoration :)

  • I’ve given you a new explorer, sorry it took so long! but I didn’t see the comment on wordpress until now.

  • screamond says:

    I like the game! I wish i could zoom out, or scroll faster, when in the bigger realms. But maybe that’s part of the challenge? I hope you end up with more players like you’ve been asking for. I added a few pages to stumbleupon (that’s how I found it).